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BitDefender Client Security 2 Years 2000 PCs upto 50% Discount

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BitDefender Client Security 2 Years 2000 PCs upto 50% Discount

The foundation of business security

The security requirements for any new or existing company no matter how large or small – should be the same. While protecting your companys intellectual property and securing customer data are good business practices, the impact of any virus outbreak greatly affects the companys operational efficiency and can incur lost productivity from the workforce.

This loss of productivity can cripple a small company and at best, hamper the companys growth. The answer to data loss and lost productivity from malicious malware is proactive protection.

Companies can effectively protect their business clients from attack by using BitDefenders ability to detect and prevent known and zero-day threats, ensure compliance to corporate security policies and manage them effectively with fewer IT resources.

Effective malware protection and endpoint management

While antivirus is the foundation of a good security policy, it is no longer the only answer to protecting your workforce from malicious threats.

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