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The Ultimate Exact Pinterest Clone script on the market
Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks these days.
The platform allows its subscribers from around the world to categorize links and files they consider interesting, and then share them with friends and followers far and wide across the globe – a feature that turns the website in a potent marketing tool.
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Pintastic is a great tool to earn money, build communities and create partnerships
Product Website: Pintastic
The Ultimate Exact Pinterest Clone script on the market
Pintastic 30% off discount coupon code
Pintastic System Requirements:
– Linux Server
– Apache Web Server
– MySQL (version 4 +)
– PHP 5.2.x
– Zend Guard or Zend Optimizer 3.3 or higher (required only for Full lincese)
– GD2 Library or higher
– Apache mod_rewrite
– Enabled PHP5 – curl
– Enabled Zlib extension
– Register globals OFF
– Enabled PHP functions – fopen, fclose, fwrite
– Minimum memory limit of 512MB

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