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VoiceOver Word Plug-in, VoiceOver Speech Sequencer enables you to easily add speech to your video presentation. You just create a MS-Word document containing the narration and the audio is added to your video instantaneously.
VoiceOver Word Plug-in two plug-ins make the integration possible, the VoiceOver MS-Word Plug-in and the VoiceOver VST Plug-in. Complete Real-time Integration
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VoiceOver Word Plug-in discount coupon code
VoiceOver Word Plug-in
The VoiceOver Speech Sequencer is a revolutionary solution that enables integration between Microsoft Word and a video editor, such as Corel VideoStudio, Sony Vegas, or Abobe Premiere.
The VoiceOver Speech Sequencer produces a high quality narration audio track, easily, quickly, and without speaking a single word. The workflow, for creating narration, for a video presentation, has now been greatly simplified.
Because you are using MS-Word, there is a short learning curve, and you benefit from the spell checker, formatted document, printing, and all the other built in features of MS-Word. Also, subtitles can be easily imported into the video editor.
VoiceOver Word Plug-in Features
· Phrase level timing – for a more precise and natural sounding narration
· Phonetic translation – because some text is pronounced different than is apparent
· Volume and balance controls – to allow variations in speech, or dialog between two or more people

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