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DWGTranslator is a useful tool for the translation industry, providing a blueprint to extract text export / import Excel file functionality, while supporting online Microsoft Translator API, Google Translate API Translation drawing content. DWGTranslator software can obtain the translation results directly through the network, supporting all global languages ​​(source or target), according to the filter file to import and export to Excel to perform more accurate translation of an interpreter, translation results support the font character height changes, support text translation control output. Software has powerful text entry intelligent sort, selection filtering. Software can automatically analyze all text entries. Supports all global languages, supports output translation attribute is set to support the original bilingual translation output. WGTranslator parsing operation encompasses all drawing files containing text or text object, according to the user to select the appropriate text entry exported translation is performed during the original object is locked, the translation is completed, according to the user to select an executable text – translation control output.

DWGTranslator 15% OFF Discount Coupon Code

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